The LocoGrinz Story
LocoGrinz is a fast casual restaurant concept serving contemporary Hawaiian cuisine.  LocoGrinz was founded by Gayne and Tanya Nitta in 2001 in the town of Moscow Idaho.  Gayne is a part Native Hawaiian born in Moscow and raised on the Hawaiian Islands. The genesis of LocoGrinz was Gayne’s love for Tanya and love for business and food.  The original location was where Big Smoke is currently located on the Pullman Highway.  LocoGrinz was started with a budget of approximately $16,000 and the original location operated with Walmart plastic chairs.  Although LocoGrinz’s beginning was very humble, the company continues to strive to always improve and to provide the community with a high quality product out of a genuine respect for others.  All of the Hawaiian dishes and sauces are produced by LocoGrinz.