1. BBQ Chicken
    BBQ Chicken
  2. Katsu Chicken
    Katsu Chicken
  3. BBQ Beef
    BBQ Beef
  4. Short Ribs
    Short Ribs
  5. Coconut Shrimp
    Coconut Shrimp
  6. Green Curry
    Green Curry
  7. Katsu Curry
    Katsu Curry
  8. Sesame Chicken
    Sesame Chicken
  9. Lemon Chicken
    Lemon Chicken
  10. Loco Moco
    Loco Moco
  11. Hamburger & Fries
    Hamburger & Fries
  12. Pulled Pork
    Pulled Pork
  13. BBQ Rib Tip
    BBQ Rib Tip
  14. Mahi Mahi
    Mahi Mahi
BBQ Chicken - Island style teriyaki chicken. Comes in spicy or non-spicy.

Katsu Chicken - Panko breaded chicken with zesty sauce.

Katsu Curry Chicken - Panko breaded chicken with Green Curry.

Lemon Chicken - Breaded chicken breast with lemon sauce.

Sesame Chicken​ - Lightly battered sweet marinated chicken.
BBQ Beef - Island style teriyaki beef. Comes in spicy or non-spicy.

Short Ribs - Sweet marinated short ribs.

Loco Moco - Beef patty with brown gravy & sunnyside egg.

Hamburger & Fries 
Pulled Pork - Sweet smoke flavored shredded pork.

BBQ Rib Tip - Smoked rib tip with southern BBQ sauce.

Mahi Mahi - Panko breaded fish with tartar sauce.

Coconut Shrimp - Coconut battered shrimp with Thai peanut sauce.

Green Curry - Mild vegetarian curry.